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Nevada CARES is looking for students who are interested in the planning of events, trainings, and outreach on healthy sex, consent, relationships, and more!

PACKtivist Peer Outreach Program

Do you have some great ideas of what the university should be doing to get the word out to students on resources or ways to engage people on these important issues? If so, we want you!

The Nevada CARES Peers will be trained to address, prevent, and discuss sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, and stalking.

The PACKtivist Peers will gain experience with program planning and implementation, evaluation, and expertise on a variety of issues. To achieve our mission of improving student health and violence prevention, Peers can:

  • Create interactive displays
  • Maintain Social media platforms (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, twitter, blogs, & monthly e-newsletter, etc.)
  • Workshop presentations
  • Campus events
  • Assist in the design and development of promotional materials.
  • Disseminate information to students about campus and community resources
  • And more!

If you are interested in becoming a PACKtivist Peer please fill out the APPLICATION and email the completed form to

For more information contact